Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So we are back in Springfield, which is where we lived when we found out David was sick. This is where we had moved from CA to be 5 years ago next month. This is where Alyssa was born, and this is where both my babies are buried.

This is where I have no trust in the doctors, or hospital. I am getting my insurance arranged here and am looking for a doctor at the only other hospital.

I'm 22 weeks. This is when Alyssa was born. This is also when I was in our car accident and pregnant with David. This is not a good week. I am constantly worried, and even though everyone seems to think I can just not be's not that easy.

I pray Maya continues to grow and be healthy. She moves around so much now, a constant reminder to Mommy that she is there and growing.

I'm still blogging from my phone, and hope to have internet soon so I can really get my thoughts out. Miss seeing everyone's updates!

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Michele said...

Saying prayers for you and your sweet Maya...

(I actually am holding Maya, who is asleep, so baby prayers too!)