Wednesday, April 21, 2010


It's looking good I will go home today. YAYYYYY! I can't complain about being in the hospital, as much as I wish I was home with my love and my drama queen. When it comes down to it, I much rather we be cautious and be on top of me getting antibiotics than not be. When it comes to this baby's health I am willing to do anything. Now, it does always scare me in the back of my mind if anything at all is wrong that it will affect Maya. She is so perfect though!

Everyday I am put on a monitor for 20 minutes to listen to her heart, and I tell you this kid is VERY active lol. As soon as the monitor is put on, she either wiggles away, or kicks it over and over. We have had to sit here with it on just a lil longer because her kicking is so much that it drowns out her heartbeat. She by far is my most active baby :) And she has a nice strong heartbeat.

This morning I was actually able to get myself outta bed (I had been in so much pain before I barely moved) and into the chair, and set my table and laptop up...all without one moan or groan! I am so thankful to be feeling so much better. Thank you Jesus!

Monday, April 19, 2010

In Hospital...

Ugh I'm so frustrated first off, I logged in (it's been awhile) and my blog list is gone and my background is changed I don't understand :( I will get my blog list back as soon as I find all of you again!

I am currently in the hospital BUT MISS MAYA IS FINE! I have a severe bladder infection, as well as something called gardenerella. Most likely because I am diabetic, and leaves me open to more "women's only" infections. The doc admitted me to get me on IV meds, and just be cautious.

I am in a lot of pain though, and was just able to get the computer set up so I can try and keep my mind off of it all. I was so hoping this would be the pregnancy I would only have to go to the hospital when I was delivering, but that is out the window now. As long as Maya is healthy, I'll do anything.

So please keep us in your prayers. I have been here since yesterday and am hoping to go home tomorrow as long as the antibiotic is working, and I am not in so much pain. I am worried because right now I have a catheter, and worry about when it comes out that the other pain (when i urinate) will come back. Then again I worry about pretty much everything :)

Also a pic from last week! I am now 27 weeks, and I am pretty sure bigger already haha!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Name...& Other Stuff...

Like the name? I do :) It includes all my kid's in one...and it's kinda sassy lol. DAMN stands for DavidAlyssaMayaNadine! So remember it's me people...

Well I am working nights and Saturday's at my Uncle's upholstery shop. I do all the office stuff, answer phones, give quotes, and when I can make us some money! It's the perfect job because I literally get to sit here in front of the computer 90% of the time, off my feet, and I have all day for doctor's appointments and things.

I have my 25 week ultrasound tomorrow and can't wait to see Miss. Maya Papaya and how she is growing. I am able to see her moving across my belly now, and she kicks so hard she literally takes my breathe away. Even with all the signs that everything is all and well, I still am so scared deep down inside.

I know the fears will never go away, and I trust in God to bring me through this. But it's still hard. And I don't like to let anyone know about what I really feel inside. It's bad enough if I have a cramp or just don't feel good that Chris is so worried. Half my time is hiding my emotions so I don't scare my loved one's. I'm sure some of you know what I mean.

I have a new doctor who so far I like (only one visit) and I will get to deliver at the hospital I wanted and not the one I had a horrible experience with Alyssa at.

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter! Sorry this is so general, I am sorting feelings out in my head that will soon be posted here!