Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Angel Mommy Guest Bloggers!

So I was thinking last night how fun would it be to do an "Angel Mommy Guest Blogger" event. Here is how it will work!
What: Angel Mommy Guest Blogger
Where: Here on my blog!
When: Now!
Who: Angel Mommies
Requirements to be a guest blogger: Must be an angel mommy, must be willing to blog about how my story has touched you, and introduce yourself and your angel to my readers!
How it works: email me and I will send you the direct email address to post something on my blog!
I really really want to connect other mom's together who have lost babies. I think this would be great! You can blog about your story, and how my story and my angels have affected you!
If you are interested please email me at david.alyssa@hotmail.com

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