Friday, August 14, 2009


I found a local organization that does free counseling, groups, and other services FREE for families with children who have lost a loved one. I talked to a woman yesterday who explained the programs and I was so excited.
Kids are put into groups according to age and get to share about their losses. She said it really helps the kids to know that there are other people who have lost loved one's as well. Nadine needs this, I feel horrible hearing her talk about "her babies." The love she has for her baby sister and brother is so strong! She is very easily upset when she thinks anyone might have said something about them that wasn't nice. She was teased at school for having a dead baby brother :(
I need the counseling as well. I don't think I'm going to go to individual, but to the groups with other parents. I would really like to meet other families and make friends. For us to have someone here in person to relate to, and kids for Nadine to socialize with.
I am waiting on the staff therapist to call and set up an intake appointment. I hope it works out and that this is something that helps us.
Has anyone else gone to counseling or groups? Or taken their children? I think after loosing Alyssa we were given so much hope with a new baby. We never would forget her, but there was some healing in having another baby. And when David passed when we thought he was going to make really hit us harder than ever.
I'm blogging from work SHHHHH! I'm going to end this for now but I would love to hear feedback from anyone!


Michele said...

That sounds like such a good service. I think that Nadine would probably get such support from other kids her age who "get it". I also think that you would gain support from other parents, especially those who have lost infants.

I really hope that the counselor calls back soon.

Mary Ellen said...

This is my first time posting but I just wanted to say that I think this group sounds like a good idea. I did this for myself and it really made a big difference just to have a place to share.