Tuesday, November 18, 2008

MRI Results...

After arguing with the girl in the high risk doctor's office that my results should be there, she decided to look and they were!

The doctor said that there is a narrowing of the canal that carries the fluid of his brain, and this is more common in boys. At this time his brain has no other abnormalities and no damage they can see to his brain! Thank you GOD! He will have to have a shunt put in when he is born, but we can deal with that.

As for his heart, I have an appointment on Thursday and we will know more about what is going to happen with that. Since we don't have a Pediatric Cardio Surgeon anywhere near us, I feel we still have to move as soon as we can. If he has a heart problem, even if we wait a couple months for surgery, I truly feel in my heart we need to start out his lil life being with the doctors that will be able to treat him.

Thank you for the prayers and I will be back with updates as I know them!


Michele said...

Praise God for the news!!! I will continue to remember you guys and hope for the best!

AmandaHoyt said...

Great news!
Still praying in Texas.

Lauren said...

Praise the Lord! So glad you were able to get some good news. I'll be praying and waiting for your next update!