Thursday, November 19, 2009

Do you have a RAINBOW baby?

As you can see, I am letting myself re-do my blog with the theme of rainbows. As any babyloss mama know's, it's hard to be positive all the time when you are waiting to make sure your precious lil baby is okay. I have till Nov. 25th to get my ultrasound and see the doctor. Pray I mentally make it through!

Many more changes will come to the page and I'm excited!

I want to make a blog list of all "Rainbow baby mamas" so if you want to be on here please leave me the link to your blog!

As a small update I did go to the doctor's office just for diabetic training (believe me I don't need to be trained how to be diabetic, I've got that down lol) and got all my insulin prescriptions. I've been back on the insulin over a week but still feel like crap as my sugars come down from the 200-300 range. As soon as I am pregnant my sugars jump outta control! But it's coming around :)

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Michele said...

Technically, I do, although I dont like that term. I feel like each of my children are unique for their own specialness, not because they came after a brother/sister who passed away. It's hard for me to embrace "rainbow baby" when I feel like it puts a label on a new child. But that is just my opinion. I know most mamas dont feel that way.