Thursday, December 31, 2009

One Year Ago

This was Chris and I one year ago today. I was so excited to get these pregnancy pictures taken! Even though I was huge and miserable, I still was so hopeful, feeling so blessed that the doctor's were confident they would save David. Even though I was scared and nervous, I knew I would go through anything for my sweet David.

Today, exactly one year later I sit here pregnant again. Scared, and hoping this baby is born without any complications. A very old friend left me a comment saying "I know and I claim that 2010 will be your best year ever Nikki." WOW! That really hit me right in the heart. And with all my heart I will believe that!

As this new year starts, I am more than sad, and more than excited. I am sad thinking that in 13 days it will be David's 1st birthday....and he's not here in my arms to celebrate it. I am excited thinking maybe just maybe Alyssa and David sent Mommy a miracle.

Happy 2010 friends.

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Michele said...

Happy New Year, Nikki. I am praying that 2010 will bring your heart some happiness and healing...

We'll be celebrating David's birthday with you. Hugs.