Saturday, March 7, 2009

Blankets for Babies...

I really feel deep in my heart I need to give something back to the hospital that David was in. It is a very large hospital here in Kansas City, and I was told that our story is repeated there on a daily basis. There are also so many babies there who are battling for their lives, born prematurely and with birth defects of all kinds.

I am going to start crotcheting small blankets for the babies. It takes me about a day to do them, and I figure since I won't be looking for a job until the middle of April I could get a lot done.

David's blanket means so much to me. I slept with it the first two weeks, until I found a bear that his outfit he wore in the hospital while we held him fit perfectly on. Now I sleep with my boo bear. His blanket is folded neatly next to daddy's side of the bed on the book shelf. I think Daddy thinks it's his now...but we all know it's mine :) I'll share for now.

I am reaching out to all of you. Would you like to make blankets with me? Do you have suggestions about other things that I can do? Keep in mind I can't make beanies or anything other than blankets. The hospital does send out a packet with a baby book, and some other momentos and I was thinking of making book marks or something like that.

Does anyone want to help? Send me the blankets and I can donate them all at once? Or another idea you have to donate to these babies that will eventually go to be with our Lord, and their parents need so much support.

If I had enough people who would like to help, I might even make another page, give us a name, and add all our pages to the blog roll so the parents can read all our stories and maybe find some comfort in knowing there are other families who understand.

Please leave a comment, and maybe I can organize this better.



Tammy On the Go said...

I met Stacey by follow her through the loss of her son. I wanted to tell you there is another mom out there thinking and praying for you. My your sorrow be covered with precious memories of your sweet boy. This is a poem I wrote for Stacey. bless you sweet mommy:
How does a mom, who has never known hurt,
Never felt your heart ache and never known your loss,
How do I reach out, where do we meet. How do we connect?

The Cross…

I cannot understand your pain, or even go there briefly.
I have never lost a child or even felt your grief.

My life has been a series of blessings, not deserving more than you.
I am realizing things may change and there is nothing for me to do.

The roads of our life were carved in Grace, before the world was made.
And the life we have, though sometimes hard, none of us would trade.

The portion that was given to me, is vapor in my hand.
Quickly life is falling through, now more than ever, I understand.

Often I have sat with others and could do no more than weep.
Hoping we could wrap our minds around a pain much too great to keep.

I know you do not know me, but we have been one place together.
The Throne of God is our common ground, and will be now and forever.

We could have easily met at the Cross, you would have seemed familiar.
For it’s at that spot we are the same and our burdens are much lighter.

I see my daughter in the face of your precious little baby.
Knowing all well I will get to see her grow into a sweet young lady.

So I do not presume to feel the full grasp of the pain that you will suffer.
But I do have your heart, for I am too a mother.

Wishing I could take it away, will not move this mountain.
But taking you to the throne, I leave you at a fountain.

That precious fountain filled with blood, spills not just for sins forgiven
But gives the grace that you will need, until you meet him in Heaven.

I also leave you with a Father, who truly knows your pain.
Though willingly he gave His Son, His hurt is just the same.

This mother prays for you today, tomorrow and years to come.
Until you get to worship the Father,
Who is taking care of your son.

In Christ,
Tammy Pulsifer

Tammy said...

Sorry to take up so much of your space. But I am so happy to hear from you. You know, this journey Stacey has taken me on has COMPLETELY CHANGED MY LIFE. I was in my own little world and now i have had the honor of meeting moms like you! what a testimony of Grace, patience, longsuffering, hope and understanding the need for "joy in the morning." I pray you get to trade your sorrow for joy! I know it is a long road but I have much hope for you.

Michele said...

I'd be happy to send prayer cards for the hospital to distribute to bereaved parents. I'll email you when I'm able to. We are busy this weekend, but I'll check my email on Monday and get to you then!