Friday, December 12, 2008

Please Pass Our Prayer Requests On!

I truly believe in the power of prayer! I am hoping all of you can add a link to Baby David's page to your own blog! I don't know how to make a blog button where you can just copy the code out but I know you can add the image to your blog and link it through the blogger layout! Please help David get as many prayers as possible!

UPDATE - Correction, or clarification lol...we are orginally from Los Angeles, moved to Southern Missouri 4 years ago, now are in Kansas City MO for Children's Mercy Hospital!


Tina:0) said...

Sorry its taken me so long to get back to you... busy here with a 4 year old & a 2 year old!

I'd be glad to join your blog roll! I've found that having other families is a wonderful support in all times! From the looks of things you've been in touch with a lot of the families that we know - they're a WONDERFUL bunch!

From your last post, it sounds like Baby David is very similar to Vaeh. We didn't know until after she was born about her TOFw/PA. She has many other little complications, too!

Feel free to email me anytime, or just pop a comment on Vaeh's blog! I'll be adding you all to our blog roll!

Tina & Vaeh:0)

Kathy said...

Kathy to Isaac.
You're doing a good thing by researching as much as possible and getting a support group together before you have this baby.
There is NO WAY to prepare for what will happen when this baby arrives! The heart diagnosis could change once he's born, they'll want to do blood work to check for syndromes (Isaac has DieGeorge syndrome), he's a heart, he'll probably have trouble eating (notice that most of us have g-tubes)....
we'll be here to help answer all your've found a GREAT group of moms!
Kansas...from LA...what?!?!
I didn't know that they had a big children's hospital they?? The docs make ALL the difference. We fly from Vegas to Stanford for all of Isaac's surgeries!
Who would have thought there were bad neighborhoods in Kansas?? I thought there were just corn fields!

Looking forward to getting to know you. Don't stress'll make David have colic...and you don't want a fussy baby with all his other problems. Enjoy the pregnancy...your other's out of your control for now...just focus on these last few weeks...where your baby is safe and secure. Eat TONS...your time to stress out will come (don't ask for it too soon).

Looking back....I don't know how we did it all...but, we did...and you can too...


Vanessa said...

I can't say it much better than Kathy already did. Seriously try and enjoy the last few weeks. While David is inside your belly he is healthy. The stressing comes once he is born. Kathy is can prepare your self but that can all change once he is born.

We are all here for you if you need anything.

Heart hugs,

mina said...

Hi! I came by your blog after being referred by Tina and our heart buddy. Nevaeh. I'll be following your journey with Baby David and sending lots of prayers your way. I'll be happy to link your blog to ours; my youngest son Bilal is a tet baby too.

I know your pregnancy must be far from typical, with the diabetes, and David's diagnosis, but I'll be praying for the best possible outcome.

Heart hugs from Alabama, and feel free to check out our site if you like.

mina said...

You are welcome to link our blog to your site if you like. You have found an awesome community in blogger-land.

Lee Family said...

Hi! I read Tina's Blog and she was telling me what has been going on, You have met a great group of Heart Mom's Here, My Son also has a Heart defect. My Family will be praying for yours. I will add your blog to mine so I can keep in touch with you. I look forward to getting to know you better. Please feel free to email me and check out my blog. Try and relax and don't get to stressed out. Our prayers will be with you and your family.

Karen Lee

Amyacl said...

Hello -

I found my way here from Vanessa's blog. My 18 month old son Sebastian was diagnosed prenatally with tetralogy of Fallot and had his repair at 5 months old. He is now doing great.

I will link to your blog, and please link to ours if you'd like. We will be keeping you, David, and your family in our thoughts and prayers.

Amy (

Jake & Stephanie Ellinger said...

I found you through Tina's blog. My son, Nathan, also has TOF and many other complications. Its scary stuff at the beginning and I'm grateful I didn't find out until after he was born. That being said, your son will surprise you with how strong he is and what he will be able to endure. We will pray for you!


The Ellingers

Lauren said...

I worked through it and made a code that will link the picture back to your blog. Send me an email and I'll get it to you!