Friday, January 9, 2009

Feb. 3rd!

Baby David will officially be here Feb 3rd! My C-Section is scheduled for 8AM that day. I am so nervous, only 25 days left!

Today my mom went with me to tour the NICU at the hospital where I will be having David. The staff was wonderful, and explained everything to me. As soon as I have him they will take him across the hall in the NICU and stabilize him to be transferred to Children's Mercy. Chris will be able to be with him for the whole time, and to come back and forth between me and David to give me updates.

I was also very very happy to hear that they will not leave to the other hospital until I get a chance to see my baby. And Chris can take as many pictures as he wants! I've already given instructions that he CANNOT forget to take tons of pictures the whole time David is at the hospital where I will be. And for my mom to rush and get them developed for me! I need to have his pictures with me :)

The first day David will be at the hospital with me for a couple hours or more, and then transferred. On Day Two I can get a pass to go to the children's hospital for four hours to be with him. Day Three as long as I am stable I can request to be released. Believe me, I won't forget to remind them I need to go!

Next Friday I meet all the doctor's at the children's hospital and tour their NICU. I am feeling so good about my son being taken care of, it really is helping with the stress. They reassured me that he will be comfortable and in no pain. That means a lot.


AmandaHoyt said...

So glad that things are progressing and we have a date :) Feb. 3rd will be a wonderful day and we all look forward to meeting your new son.
Hugs and many prayers,

Lisa said...

You and little David will be in my prayers. I am sure you are so anxious to meet that precious little boy.

Blessings and Prayers,

Tina:0) said...

Sounds like they have you in good hands - on both your's & David's part!

I'll mark the calendar for Feb 3rd! Keeping you in our prayers!

JustMelisAll said...

Best of luck! Aquarius babies are good ones! Mine is almost 2 (feb 6th!) I am so glad to hear you two have made it this far. I am going in to be induced this friday (the 16th) and will be thinking of you after even if i dont get right to a computer. You and your son are in our thoughts.

Amyacl said...

What a relief to feel like you and your little boy are in good hands! It really helped me to meet medical providers and have a chance to ask questions, so I know what you mean. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts!

mina said...

Feb 3 has a good ring to it. I'll be praying that things go smoothly that day. It's great that you have confident in the medical care, good vibes mean a lot. Will be thinking of you on your and David's special day.