Monday, January 19, 2009

Made it Through...

We made it through the funeral, the service was simply beautiful. It was the hardest thing to ever do. I am not going to post much right now, I just want to let you know that we have buried David and are now back in Kansas City.

The only thing I can be happy about is that they were able to bury David next to this sister, Alyssa. I am so relieved, so thankful. It had been a walkway next to her and they took it out just so they can be side by side. I can't believe I have two babies buried together. It is overwhelming.

The doctor has given me meds to deal with all this. I don't want to use them all the time, but I did take one awhile ago and am ready for bed. Time to curl up with David's blankie and just think about my precious son who I miss more than life itself.

I will be keeping this blog. Someone suggested I write my story, about loosing two babies and what I've been through. So I promise not to abandon this blog and all the people who loved David. Just give me some time.

Also a special thank you to the parents of Sophia, Nicholas, and Alexander. Your kindness brought me to my knee's I can't believe how beautiful the flowers are, and I have pictures to post of them.


Lisa said...

I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you everday.

mina said...

I will continue to pray for you, and will continue to follow your blog. Hoping that each day brings more healing.

Mami Adame said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I've been finally getting around to checking other blogs, and I just can't believe everything happened so quickly. David was beautiful. I hope you do find some peace in that you were able to keep your babies together. Please reach out if I can do anything for you or your daughter. You and your family will be in our prayers.

Michele said...

You are so very welcome. I wish that there was more that we could do. We know our little ones are with David and Alyssa, and that they all watch over us. Until we can see them again, we just have to be here to support and care for each other.

Sending you prayers and hugs,

Taylor said...

I don't know you, but I found you through Cooper's blog. I just want you to know that I will be praying for you and your family. We lost our first son at birth in June so I know much of what you are going through. My heart breaks for you.