Sunday, April 19, 2009

2 or 10...

So I would normally not post about this, in my own fear of being judged or thought less of. When I think about it though it's just something thats happened, it's not a big deal.

We are heading down to where we used to live 2 hours away so Chris can go to court tomorrow. He got 2 speeding tickets and now the great state of Missouri has decided he needs "shock treatment." What does this mean? That he will have to spend 2 to 10 days in jail to "shock" him into not driving fast anymore. What confuses me is that these tickets are over a year old, and now they want to shock him when he hasn't recieved anymore tickets in a YEAR?

My anxiety is slowly creeping up. I don't think Chris realizes how much fear and anxiety I really have just even leaving the house, but let alone thinking of 10 nights of being without him is terrifying to me. I hate being alone at night anyways, and now I am just afraid of everything anyways. I am praying it is only 2 days, and Nadine and I will just stay at my oldest step daughters house until he gets out.

To a normal person, a normal wife...a couple days away from their husband could be something that happens frequently. A vacation away from each other, business out of town, tons of different reasons. But to me it is absolute torture. People think I am so strong, that I am dealing so truth I am constantly afraid, anxious, and scared of everything. Life itself scares me. Chris is what gets me through the day, and to seperate him from me for speeding tickets is just...stupid!

So please, please pray I make it through this. As trivial it may seem to some people, to me it's a matter of my sanity. I am taking my computer with me and I will let everyone know what goes on.


John Gensic said...

I'm praying for you and your family. Right now it is so important he is there for you. I pray for your strength and his speedy return home to his wonderful wife and daughter.


Trennia said...

I too get scared when my husband leaves! Even whaen he is only gone for a few hours I get sick and stomach cramps to the thought of passing out! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I am going to start following yours.Praying for you.

Michele said...

You aren't alone. I'm a nutcase when Peter is gone- even for a little bit. He's made a handful of business trips since our marriage, as have I, and I hate them. I struggle being away from him all day! Let alone a night!!!

Sending prayers for your family.

Holly said...

What does sound like a rather pointless punishment! o.O I hope it turns out ok if he does end up having to go!