Friday, April 24, 2009

Mommy in the hospital...

So as you may know, I am in the hospital. I am slowly getting better, still real sore in my abdomen though. I had ultrasounds and an MRI yesterday and nothing was found, just that my pancreas is still inflamed. The doctors think I might have had a small gallstone (even though my gallbladder was removed over a year ago) and that I passed it, causing the pancreatitis.

The plan now is to try and get me back to eating without hurting my pancreas anymore than it is. For now I am on an all liquid diet. Jello woohoo! I can't tell you how wonderful that little cup of jello looked to me after 3 days of no food, and 1 night of nothing at all.

I hate being in the hospital, and get anxious to leave of course. This time my heart is hurting for my baby girl Nadine. When Chris took her home the other night she layed in my spot on the bed and asked her dad, "Is Mommy going to die?" It broke my heart to hear that she is worried Mommy's gonna die. I know that to her, whenever Mommy goes in the hospital it is usually from being pregnant, and when I come home one of our babies has died.

I called her and told her Mommy was going to be ok, but I had to stay here until I get better. My poor baby, I feel so horrible she has been through so much in her little life, and that death is something she knows all too well. This morning she also had a hard time getting ready for school (Daddy was a little more than frustrated lol) and kept saying she just wanted her Mommy to come home.

So please say a prayer for Nadine, to help her understand that Mommy is coming home and I'm not leaving her. Thank you friends!

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Michele said...

Saying prayers for you and for little Nadine...