Wednesday, February 25, 2009

David's Baby Book...

I am going to start David's baby book, and the one thing I really want to do is print out the guestbook from his web page. BUT...I would like to get more entries in it. I'm at #36 right now, and would love to get it to atleast 75-100. So please please so sign it if you haven't it would mean so much :)

Also I have a memorial page for David & Alyssa on MySpace, if you would like to add it and comment pictures there I would LOVE that too! I am really obsessed with all this right now, I think it is part of the grieving and I just want everyone to see how beautiful he was, and Alyssa was and let them know (I know they see it all from Heaven) that we are all still thinking of them.

There is also a video of David on MySpace!
or you can find it under the email

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Michele said...

I get obsessed with baby books, too. I've made one for Nick and Sophie and then one for Alex, and, especially with Alex, I was like a crazed madwoman. It was like I NEEDED to get it done. I love to look at them now and I look forward to hearing about your journey through making David's. It's such a gift.